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Equipping the Saints Seminar

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Equipping the Saints seminar was held on the 25th of June 2016 at Smyrna Church in Welimada. More than 70 believers attended this meeting and received God’s blessings. God had  brought great changes in the participants lives. It encouraged them to be witness for Christ in their families and in their society in their daily life.



Student Gathering

We organized a student gathering on the 21st of May 2016 in Haputele.  46 students participated in this program and enjoyed their time together. Our LHM staff in Sri Lanka Mr.Gnanadas and Mr.Dhinesh conducted this program. They taught them songs, bible stories and games etc… They all blessed by this program. Each student who participated  received a small gift pack from our organizations. The pastors and the parents of this children thanked our organization.

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Equipping the Saints

Equipping The Saints Seminar was held on the 22nd of May 2016 at the Lanka Lutheran Church Center in Nuwara Eliya. More than 90 participants participated and received God’s blessings.

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Student Gathering

A student gathering was organized  by Lanka Hope media on   31st of November 2015  at Haputale from 10.am to 3.30 pm. There were about 89 students participated in this event. The students who participated in this program were encouraged and received God’s blessings.

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Equipping the Saints- Mattale

We organized the Equipping the Saints Seminar for the believers from different denominations  in Mattale on 27.04.2014, attended by around 65 people. This training program was held to encourage and equip the Christian believers to witness for Christ. The Pastors’ Fellowship in Mattele gave their full cooperation for this program. We thank God for His blessings and guidance





Equipping the Saints- Ratnapura

Equipping the Saints seminar was held on the 22.03.2014 in Ratnapura. More than 65 participants participated and received God’s blessings. This was the first time we organized a program in this area. We thank God for transforming participants’  lives and give them new strength and encouragement through His Holy Spirit. 

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God’s Word healed a broken heart girl

Miss. Akila was grown with her family as a Christian since her childhood. She lives in central province of Sri Lanka. She is still attending school and faced many difficulties in her life as she turned away from God and lived a life without hope and peace in her mind. She had been going through a tough time in her life for a few months until the day we had the meeting the youth meeting in her place on the 23rd of November 2013.

She shared this testimony which is encouraging us how God’s Word is so powerful and  healing the broken heart people like this girl through our ministry in Sri Lanka.

She came to this program after facing so many struggles in her life for three months with a broken heart. She was unable to tell this to anyone else and thought to commit suicide. Because she thought committing suicide might bring deliverance from all her problems and challenges she was going through.

After attending the youth meeting, she shared that the Lord has given her new hope and strength through God’s words spoken in this meeting. She received God’s strength to face all the problems and the trials she had been facing for more then three months.  And now God has helped her to think positively in her life and to share God’s love with her neighbors and friends.  She praised God for the change that happened in her life.

We give praise to God for healing the broken heart of this girl through our youth program.


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